Paul, Kay & Dan's Pond

One of our newest ponds; fully in-ground

All fingers were crossed hoping that the sun would shine as it had done the previous year.

Luck was on our side and we woke up to a beautiful sunny day.  Visitors began to arrive about one o’clock.  Richard was the first to arrive fully laden with camera and zoom lens.  He was hoping to catch some good shots of the two cross-bills that had taken up residence in the garden and were happy to be hand fed but as luck would have it, they had decided to continue their journey the day before our pond visit.

By half past one most people had arrived and as usual the men were taking up their usual stance around the pond whilst the women were sat enjoying the lovely weather and having a good natter and catch up.

Although the pond was still in its infancy and incomplete and the few fish residing in the pond were only small, (apart from Henry and George), I think everyone could appreciate how much work had been done since the previous pond visit.  I suppose the biggest change was the fact that we now had grass instead of the expanse of mud but the deep trench still remained open.

The previous pond visit, everyone had commented how much they had enjoyed the food so I decided to again do hot roast pork sandwiches with apple and stuffing.  As a special treat for Val, I prepared a homemade trifle and I have promised her that I will do the same again for this pond visit!

Even Granny enjoyed sitting on the patio in the sunshine with her glass of wine.

We are hoping that before our next pond visit Dan will have had the time from his university studies to get home and fill in the trench and complete the filter house roof.  That will make Dan’s project complete.  I am just wondering what he is planning for his next project.  I suppose I will start to worry if I see him digging any more holes!